About us

Blanc de gris was founded in 2015 by Dominique Lynch-Gauthier and Lysiane Roy Maheu, two inseparable friends from high school. The idea of starting a mushroom farm was born out of their shared concern about the extent of food waste in Montreal. When they realized that it was possible to produce mushrooms by using food by-products, they thought it would make a great impact business project. Observing the quantity of microbreweries in Montreal, they have undertaken to recover spent grain (residual grain from beer production) to make it the basis of their mushroom production substrates and thus give a second life to this organic matter which has still a lot to offer!

Pioneers of this unique technique, five years of research and development were needed to perfect this original myciculture process in a circular economy, which produces high quality mushrooms, very fleshy, tasty and nutritious.

Our mission: quality and eco-responsibility

Quality: We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality mushrooms with a firm, meaty texture and a rich, delicate taste. Our bucket production method produces beautiful bouquets and picking our mushrooms at a young stage extends their shelf life.

Eco-responsibility: Respect for the environment being a fundamental concern for us, the circular economy is at the heart of our corporate mission. Limiting our use of virgin resources, fighting food waste and reducing single-use plastic by growing in reusable buckets sets our production apart from others.